Coagulation Reagents

Coagulation is a complex process by which blood forms clots. It is an important part of hemostasis, wherein a damaged blood vessel wall is covered by a platelet and fibrin-containing clot to stop bleeding and begin repair of the damaged vessel.

Coagulation is measured when a patient’s blood is not clotting properly; when blood is clotting too easily; if clots remain in the body too long; to monitor patients on anticoagulation therapy and aspirin therapy; to evaluate a patient’s risk of excessive bleeding before surgery.

Randox manufacture a range of high performance coagulation reagents that are suitable for manual/semi-automatic methods.

Coagulation products available from Randox include:

Rapid tests serology
Drugs of abuse
Therapeutic drug monitoring
Specific proteins

Why choose Randox Reagents?

  •  Randox offers the largest range of chemistries

  •  Liquid ready-to-use reagents available

  •  Automated applications for a wide range of clinical analysers

  •  Excellent correlation to reference methods

  • Wide measuring ranges

    We can provide dedicated reagents for the Randox RX Series, Dimension™, Hitachi™, AU™, Architect C™, Aeroset™ andKonelab™ range of chemistry analysers providing you with freedom of choice from an independent manufacturer.

    With flexible pack sizes and a comprehensive list of analyser applications available, you are sure to find what you are looking for.

    As always with Randox our reagents are of the highest quality; this is recognised through official accreditation to both national and international standards including UKAS, ISO 13485:2003, and SFDA.

    All Trademarks recognised.

Randox Easy Read reagents

In order to make your laboratory testing easier, Randox offers a range of clinical chemistry reagents with dedicated barcodes that are optimised for use on a range of specific clinical analysers.

  • All reagents are presented in bottles that fit directly onto the analyser

  • Reagents include barcodes that enable the analyser to read automatically

  • Simple process saves time and improves laboratory efficiency

  • Offers you freedom of choice from an independent manufacturer

Randox Easy Fit reagents

We are dedicated to providing reagents that fit perfectly with your laboratory needs. In addition to providing an extensive test menu of the highest quality reagents, we also ensure flexibility, convenience and ease-of-use with our Easy Fit reagents bottles.

  • We offer a range of clinical chemistry reagents that are optimised for use on an extensive range of clinical chemistry analysers

  • All reagents are presented in bottles which fit easily onto your analyser avoiding the need to pour reagents into dedicated bottles

  • Randox reagents offer increased accuracy and reliability

  • A wide range of validated analyser applications ensure ease of programming and confidence in results

  • A simple 2 step process allows you to actively run Randox reagents on your clinical chemistry analyser